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Due North Cannabis Co. reserves the right to change discounts, prices, and points redemption. Discounts may only be applied to regularly priced items. No stacking of multiple discounts. Some discounts are in-store only. Some restrictions may apply. Points and discounts are non-transferable. Must be 19+ to join. Visit us in store or check out the FAQ for more info.

Common Questions and Topics

The Explorer’s Club was created to show our customers how much we appreciate them! We bring together like-minded individuals for member’s only events, created a secret menu for our explorer’s and offer uniquely curated deals and discounts. Check out one of our locally owned dispensaries for more info!

It’s easy and free to join. Visit one of our stores and speak with a BudGuide or sign up online through the link at the top of our homepage. You can also click here. Once you have signed up, confirm your account in-store and start earning points.

To be eligible you must be over 19 years of age and have current and valid government identification. No purchase necessary! Please note that Due North Cannabis Co. and the Explorer’s Club only operate in the province of Ontario. 

You will receive a welcome email and a text message. Text message will ask you to opt in so you can receive a link to your wallet where you will receive a 15% Welcome Discount to be redeemed at one of our dispensaries or online. Save the digital wallet on your home screen when you get your first text message so you can review your profile and check points balance. Make sure to confirm your sign up in store and opt in to earn points, gain access to special savings, and more! 

Head to our location page and click on the store closest to you. We currently operate in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and are proud to be locally owned and operated! You can also find us on the Ontario Cannabis Store Website:


We respect your privacy and do not sell, distribute or otherwise disclose personal information collected through our Explorer’s Club. To join we simply require your full name, cell phone number, email and date of birth. Your information is always confidential and you can unsubscribe from the Explorer’s Club at any time. 

Yup! You can collect points by visiting any one of our locations. In addition leave reviews, or tag us on social media to earn points and other rewards.

When you first sign up you should receive an email and a text message with the URL to your personal wallet. If you did not receive this we can help! Email us at info@dncc.ca with your first name, last name and cell phone number. Once we process your request we will send you a new text with a link. This may take up to 72 hours so please be patient.

About Loyalty Discounts

Can I redeem multiple discounts at once? How about on products already on sale?

Unfortunately no. One discount can be redeemed per store visit. Discounts are not applied to items already on sale. Discounts are “non-stackable”.

In order to refer a friend you simply have to share your unique URL found under the “Refer a Friend” tab in your digital wallet. This URL will take your friends to the sign up page. The last step is for your friend to visit us in store to confirm their profile and then you will receive a referral discount in your digital wallet. The discount may take up to 24 hours to show up in your wallet after your friend has confirmed their profile in store.

This discount is for in-store purchases only. Post a review on Facebook or Google and show proof to a BudGuide at one of our locations. Once the review is confirmed you can use the Online Review Discount in your digital wallet towards your purchase. This discount may only be used once per customer. Customers will also receive 10 points for leaving us a review!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy a 10% discount on us to be redeemed in-store or online. Discount will automatically be sent to your digital wallet on the Date of Birth you used to sign up to the Explorer’s Club.

Create a post and tag @duenorthcompany on instagram and facebook. Show one of our BudGuides and receive a 12% discount! This discount is for use in-store only and can only be used on regularly priced items. No stacking of multiple discounts or using discounts on items already sale. 

Points Related

Earn points every time you visit one of our dispensaries, no purchase necessary. If you are not making a purchase please ask a BudGuide to add your points to your account. If making a purchase your BudGuide will need to attach your customer profile to your purchase. You can also earn points by referring a friend, leaving us a Google or Facebook review, and following us on instagram through your digital wallet.

Loyalty points will show up in your digital wallet within 24 hours of your visit to one of our Cannabis Cabins. 

Sorry, but no. Points and discounts are non-transferable and are linked to your specific account.

Loyalty points cannot be used to purchase cannabis or cannabis related accessories due Canadian law. Points can be used towards Due North Cannabis merchandise and apparel. Check out the redemptions in your digital wallet or visit us in-store for more details.  

Loyalty points cannot be used to purchase cannabis or cannabis related accessories due Canadian law. Points can be used towards Due North Cannabis merchandise and apparel. Check out the redemptions in your digital wallet or visit us in-store for more details.  

Points take up to 24 hours to update. It’s important to ensure that BudGuides attach your customer profile to your purchase or simply ask them to add 10 points when you visit one of our stores. No purchase necessary. You will not earn points for store visits until after you have confirmed your signup. 

Once you have earned enough points with the Explorer’s Club you can redeem your points in store with one of our expert Bud Guides. See your wallet or visit us in-store for more info. 

Health Canada has strict regulations against rewarding consumers with cannabis products or accessories. 

Unfortunately no. The points are only earned once you have signed up for the Explorer’s Club and confirmed profile in-store. Loyalty points cannot be awarded retroactively.