Soo Cannabis Retailer Adds Northern Style to the Shopping Experience

Stylish store inside

Take Robert Carroll, for example, who is part of a father/son team that recently opened the first Due North Cannabis Co. location in Sault Ste Marie. The Churchill Plaza cannabis shop features a spacious cottage-style interior décor complete with tongue-and-groove wood panelling, eight-inch timber beams and a 42-inch gas fireplace. It’s part of a conscious effort by the owners to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere for cannabis shoppers.
Carroll said that creating a unique and inviting retail space was critical to their business plan given the stigmas and misinformation that still surround legalized cannabis sales in Canada.

Sustainable Cannabis Products

cannabis laws in ontario

The burgeoning cannabis industry is set to increase production drastically, and cannabis consumers are beginning to realize the impact that their cannabis consumption can have on the environment. In fact, the terpenes found in cannabis are classified as Volatile Organic Compounds that can contribute to air pollution through the cultivation and manufacturing process. So how do we keep our grass “green” as an industry?

Cannabis Black Market

Recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada for nearly two years, allowing those of legal age to freely purchase and consume their favourite pot products.