Our Stores Policies

Customer Discounts and Price Matching

Customer Discounts

As part of Due North Cannabis CO.’s appreciation for our customers we offer several discounts. All discounts being offered to our customers must be verified with identification and given by a trained employee. Under no circumstances will a staff member in their probation period be giving discounts. Below are the discounts that we offer every day;

  • Seniors Discount: 10 % off discount is offered every day to our customers who are 55 years old and older. In order to receive the discount, they must provide you with a government issued ID and you will verify their age.
  • Status Discount: Cannabis is not tax exempt. As a courtesy we offer an 8% discount with a valid government issued ID proving they are of status. Customers MUST create a customer profile and you will have to add their status card number into the membership card ID spot. No exceptions.
  • Student Discount: 8 % off discount is offered every day to our customers who are current students at a valid institution. In order to receive the discount, the customer must provide you with a valid student card.


  • Sault Area Hospital (SAH) Discount: 8 % off discount is offered every day to our customers who are currently employed with the Sault Area Hospital. Customers will have to provide a valid hospital badge.
  • Proxy discounts are not in compliance with our policies and procedures. Any customer attempting to receive another customer’s discount will be denied. This ensures fairness, decreases the chances of fraud and mitigates confusion among staff.

All customers have the option of creating a customer profile so they do not have to provide us with ID at each purchase (EXCEPT for the SAH discount). In order for their profile to validate their discount it must contain their name, phone number, email and a note stating “ID verified for ________ discount by employee initial (see example below).

However, customers using the Sault Area Hospital discount will have to provide proof each time to validate their current employment as well, customers using the Student Discount will require their note to state when they are graduating school.

Discounts will not be applied to items that are already on sale. Discounts cannot be stacked to redeem a higher discount. Customers may only use one discount at a time. Customers may not use another customer’s discount

Price Matching

Due North Cannabis CO. is proud to offer price matching. Our stores will price match on a REGULAR priced product with any LEGAL store in Sault Ste. Marie. For a customer to take advantage of our price match system they will need to provide proof of the lower priced item from the other stores. The item must also be in stock at the other location. This discount does not apply to other stores’ promotions and discounts. Therefore, if another store has an item on sale, we will not match the sale price.

Once we have price matched an item, we will NOT be adding any of our daily discounts. You will pick the option that gives the best price for the customer EITHER with a qualifying discount or a price match.

In the event Due North Cannabis CO. has an item on sale, we will NOT remove our sale to apply a new discount.

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