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Refunds and Exchanges

Due North Cannabis CO. has strict policies in place for refunds and exchanges. Only under certain circumstances will a customer be given a refund or exchange.

Refunds will always be given for a customer who got an incorrect or damaged product as long as they have a receipt and/or customer profile as well as the product. The customer profile must be complete with all the necessary information (full name, date of birth, and phone number) in order to verify the customer was the one who purchased. 

In the case where the customer has a customer profile you may search their account for the receipt of the unfit product. If the customer does not have a customer profile, then you will use their receipt to search using the sales identification number (located near the top left of the receipt). 

Under no circumstances will a customer receive a refund without either a customer profile or a receipt as there is no way to verify and refund the purchase in the sales system.

  • Note: Returns and exchanges must be handled at the store from which they purchased the product.

When a customer is not satisfied with the situation the first thing you should always do is empathize. We take refunds and exchanges seriously and will do everything we can to handle the situation in a timely fashion. Next, actively listen and get the full story, from the point they purchased the cannabis until the complaint is made.

  • Note: Refunds on a credit or debit card may take up to 3-5 business days to be processed.
  • Note: To receive a refund/exchange they must physically have the product with them.


Staff may give the customer a refund if it falls within the policies below. The customer is obligated to bring in the product and the receipt. If the customer has misplaced their receipt then you can look up their customer profile on Greenline to find it. If the customer does not have the receipt or a profile then there is no way to refund the product.

All Sales are Final. Refunds will only occur for the following situations:

  • Vape cartridges (510 and pax) have a 10-day exchange policy.
    • If the cart is broken, leaking, clogged, concentrate is discolored, hardware is malfunctioning (defective).
    • The vape cartridges must be close to full if the complaint is for clogging or hardware malfunction (no less than ¾ full).
    • There must be clear signs of damage to the cartridge (i.e. cracked, leaking, etc.)
  • Dry herb vaporizers and other concentrate vaporizers have a 10-day exchange policy.
    • Dry herb vaporizers may be refunded AFTER a designate has contacted the manufacturer to verify that a new unit will be received by DNCC. There will not be an immediate refund issued as the devices are covered by a manufacturer warranty. Due North is happy to contact the manufacturer on behalf of the customer and issue the refund once confirmation is given from the manufacturer/distributor. 
    • If the customer prefers, they may contact the manufacturer on their own time. We can provide a phone number or email address upon request.
  • Pre-rolls have a 3-day exchange policy.
    • If they are broken or damaged and the customer claims that the product was in this condition at purchase.
    • If a customer states pre-rolls were missing they may get a return 1-time. Staff must enter a note into their account stating the date on which they received a refund for empty/missing products. If they have already received a refund for this, then the customer must contact the LP or we will do so on their behalf. 
    • If the pre-roll has been burned (with a lighter) or consumed in any way then an exchange/refund will not be issued.
  • All flower sales are final. Customers may be encouraged to reach out to the LP or the manufacturer if necessary (Speak with your manager for these situations). 
  • Oils, Capsules and Topicals have a 10-day exchange policy.
    • If the container is damaged or the products inside are damaged (i.e. broken capsules or leaky bottle).
    • All capsules must be present and the oil must be ¾ full
  • Edibles, Drinks, and Concentrates have a 3- day exchange policy.
    • May only be returned if there is a glaring issue with the product. For example:
      • Foreign matter present
    • The concentrate has deteriorated in its packaging (ex. live resin dried out, shatter liquifying, dark amber/rust discoloration due to degradation, separation of terpenes/cannabinoids s)

Handling Customer Complaints Related to Refunds

  • You are required to evaluate the situation on how the customer handles the store’s error. If they are dissatisfied with the mistake then you may give a small discount of 10-15% on their new product for their trouble. If the customer does not wish to use that discount at this time then you may leave a note on their profile as in the example below.

Note: If the customer does not have a profile and does not want a profile then they can either use the discount at the time of the exchange/refund or you can leave a “Customer Information Form” for the manager. The manager will reach out to the customer when they are next available.



There are two instances where an exchange may be given out by staff:

  1. An exchange will be given when a customer receives an incorrect product and they wish to return the product they were given and in return get the product that they originally wanted.
  2. An exchange will be given when a customer receives a defective/broken product. They must return the defective product and will be given a replacement which is the exact same as the product they ordered. 

Under no circumstances will we exchange a product if it is:

  1. A different value (price)
  2. A different size
  3. A different type (ex. 510 cartridge for a pax pod)
  4. Customer error

An exchange will only be given if a miss-sell occurred or if it is a defective product and the customer wished to exchange the miss-sold product or defective product for the product they originally ordered. Alternatively a refund may be issued.

When an exchange is given the products must be counted and a correction made from Inventory Overview. In addition a note must be included in the end of shift report alerting the Inventory Manager that a QA Submission is required or a miss-sell occurred. 


A miss-sell is defined as an employee’s mistake of giving the wrong product to the customer. This occurs when an employee does not properly use the 5-step verification system to identify the product, or can occur if the employee sells the wrong product to a customer due to miscommunication (if the employee did not understand what the customer was asking for).

When this situation occurs the customer may bring the product and receipt back to the store to receive a refund or exchange for the correct product. 


Miss-Sells & Exchanges:

  1. If the wrong product they received was not opened and is not damaged it may be returned to the shelf. Staff must conduct a count for both products to ensure amounts equal the inventory number in greenline. If there is a discrepancy, alert management/supervisors of the issue. They may instruct the employee to conduct an audit and/or transfer to fix the error
  2. If the customer opened the incorrect product and an exchange was issued then that product must be audited out of the system. This product cannot be sold to a new customer so you are required to ensure that the product gets audited out of the system (Greenline) and is transferred to the Churchill Location for further handling. A manager must be made aware of the situation so that they can pick up the product for transfer and further examine the product.
  3. If an exchange or refund is given for a defective or opened product then they product must be either transferred to Churchill plaza or audited from the system. Please speak with a manager or supervisor if you are unfamiliar with this procedure. 

Defective Products

Defective products can be defined as broken/ damaged, unusable or even an empty container. If the container or excise stamp is damaged in any way then the product is deemed defective and unable to sell. If the product inside the container is damaged (ex. broken pre-roll, cracked 510, moldy flower, etc) then the product is deemed defective and unable to sell.

If a product is sold that we were not aware was defective (because the packaging/container looked up to standards) then we will exchange or refund the product for the customer as long as they have the original receipt or we are able to locate the receipt on their customer profile. 

In this case this product cannot be sold to a new customer. You are required to ensure that the product gets audited out of the system (Greenline) OR is transferred to the Churchill Location for further handling. A manager must be made aware of the situation so that they can pick up the product for transfer and further examine the product. When the product is at the Churchill location it must be put aside for a QA submission.

Empty Container Policy

In the event that there was no product in the sealed container at the time of purchase then the customer will receive a full refund or an exchange for the same product. Employees must input a note onto their Greenline account indicating the situation.
Note format is as follows:
Date (DD/MM/YYYY), the product name and weight (ex. pink kush pre-roll 1 x 0.5g), returned empty container – Initial (employee initial)

If a customer returns with the same issue then it must be dealt with by a manager or supervisor. Under these circumstances the situation will require an investigation of the inventory, cameras and speaking with the sales individual to make sure that they gently shook the product (ensuring that the container was full).

If an exchange or refund occurs at a location that is not Churchill then the products must be transferred to the Churchill location with the transfer notes “Product returned (or exchanged) due to (XYZ reason)”. It will be audited out of the system with the notes “(XYZ- why the product is defective)” when submitted to the OCS for QA Submission.

This information MUST be included in the shift report so management is aware of the refund/exchange and the product for QA submission.

If a customer issue arises due to a senior bud guide’s ability to process a refund/exchange according to the policies above AND they are unable to receive additional direction from a supervisor or manager they may fill out a customer information form and a manager will be in touch with the customer at their next availability.

Example: Refund/exchange falls outside of the permissible window to do so (ie cartridge trying to be returned after 10 days). Supervisor or manager is directly accessible to give further direction OR manager/ supervisor asks employees to fill out the form so they may address the situation at a later time.

Managers, Supervisors and Designates are the only people who have the permissions to provide additional discounts or make exceptions to the policies above.


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