Refunds and Exchanges

Due North Cannabis CO. has strict policies in place for refunds and exchanges. Only under certain circumstances will a customer be given a refund or exchange.

Refunds or exchanges will always be given for a customer who got an incorrect or damaged product as long as they have a receipt and/or customer profile as well as the physical product. Refunds on a credit or debit card may take up to 3-5 business days to be processed.

Under no circumstances will a customer receive a refund without either a customer profile or a receipt as there is no way to verify and refund the purchase in the sales system.

Please note: Returns and exchanges must be handled at the store from which they purchased the product.


Store Refunds

In order to receive a refund the customer must bring in the product and the receipt. If the customer has misplaced their receipt then DNCC staff may be able to look up the receipt on the customer profile. If the customer does not have the receipt or a profile then there is no way to refund the product. The refund must be issued onto the card that was originally used for purchase.

The refund conditions below must be met in order to receive a refund.

  1. Vape cartridges (510 and pax) have a 10-day exchange/refund policy.
    • If the cart is broken, leaking, clogged, concentrate is discolored, hardware is malfunctioning (defective).
    • Clogged, discoloured or hardware is defective: The vape cartridges must be close to full if the complaint is for clogging or hardware malfunction (no less than ¾ full).
    • Broken: There must be clear signs of damage to the cartridge (i.e. cracked, leaking, etc.)
  2. Dry herb vaporizers and other concentrate vaporizers have a 10-day exchange/refund policy.
    • Dry herb vaporizers may be refunded AFTER a designate has contacted the manufacturer to verify that a new unit will be received by DNCC. There will not be an immediate refund issued as the devices are covered by a manufacturer warranty. Due North is happy to contact the manufacturer on behalf of the customer and issue the refund once confirmation is given from the manufacturer/distributor.
    • If the customer prefers, they may contact the manufacturer directly. We can provide a phone number or email address upon request.
  3. 510 Batteries have a 10-day exchange/refund policy.
    • Battery must be in good physical condition IE free of deep scratches, dents or other physical damage.
  4. Pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other accessories are final sale.
    • There is one exception: downstems & bowls/bangers.
      • If a customer purchases a bowl, down stem or bowl/banger and it is the wrong size they may return it so long as it is clean and undamaged.
  5. All flower sales are final. Customers may be encouraged to reach out to the LP or the manufacturer if necessary.
    • Customers must contact the manufacturer in these situations.
  6. Pre-rolls have a 3-day exchange/refund policy.
    • Subject to the discretion of Due North Cannabis Co. staff
    • If the pre-roll has been burned (with a lighter) or consumed in any way (i.e. a portion is missing) then an exchange/refund will not be issued.
  7. Oils, Capsules and Topicals have a 3-day exchange/refund policy.
    • If the container is damaged or the products inside are damaged (i.e. broken capsules or leaky bottle).
    • All capsules must be present and the oil or cream must be ¾ full.
  8. Edibles, Drinks, and Concentrates have a 3- day exchange/refund policy.
    • These items may only be returned if there is a glaring issue with the product. For example:
    • Foreign matter present.
    • The package is damaged or missing an excise sticker.
    • The concentrate has deteriorated in its packaging (i.e. live resin dried out, shatter liquifying, dark amber/rust discoloration due to degradation, separation of terpenes/cannabinoids).

Store Exchanges

There are two instances where an exchange may be given out by staff:

  1. An exchange will be given when a customer receives an incorrect product and they wish to return the product they were given and in return get the product that they originally wanted (i.e. a miss-sell occurred).

  2. An exchange will be given when a customer receives a defective/broken product. They must return the defective product and will be given a replacement which is the exact same as the product they ordered. This is subject to the return policies above. 

Under no circumstances will we exchange a product if it is:

  1. A different value (price).

  2. A different size.

  3. A different type (ex. 510 cartridge for a pax pod).

  4. Customer error.

  5. They do not have a receipt or profile to find the transaction.

An exchange will only be given if a miss-sell occurs or if it is a defective product and the customer wishes to exchange the miss-sold product or defective product for the product they originally ordered. Alternatively, a refund may be issued

Miss Sells

A miss-sell is defined as an employee’s mistake of giving a different product to the customer than what they were charged for.

When this situation occurs the customer may bring the product and receipt back to the store to receive a refund or exchange for the correct product.

Defective Products

Defective products can be defined as broken/ damaged, unusable or even an empty or damaged container. If the container or excise stamp is damaged in any way then the product is deemed defective and unable to sell. If the product inside the container is damaged (ex. broken pre-roll, cracked 510, moldy flower, etc) then the product is deemed defective and unable to sell.

If a product is sold that we were not aware was defective (because the packaging/container looked up to standards) then we will exchange or refund the product for the customer subject to the policies above.

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