Our Dispensary Offers a Wide Range of Cannabis Accessories

 Due North carries all of your cannabis accessory needs. We understand that every cannabis experience is unique and we’re here to elevate your consumption with a thoughtfully curated collection of accessories. We carry a diverse selection of cannabis pipes, cannabis grinders, cannabis papers, cannabis vaporizers, cannabis tools, and cannabis glassware including water pipes, bongs and dab-rigs.

From classic favourites like wooden pipes to cutting-edge electronic devices and innovative storage solutions, our accessories are carefully chosen to suit your needs. Better yet loyalty members receive a member’s only discount on ALL accessories EVERYDAY! Ask a Bud Guide for more info.

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Rolling a joint is an art form for many cannabis enthusiasts, and having the right rolling papers can make a significant difference.

Our collection of rolling papers includes a variety of options to cater to your rolling style and preferences. From classic, ultra-thin papers that let the flavor of your cannabis shine through to organic and flavored papers that add a unique twist to your joints, we have it all. Rolling papers offer a customizable experience, allowing you to craft the perfect joint tailored to your liking. Whether you’re looking for an even burn, a slow smoke, or a burst of flavor, our rolling papers provide the canvas for you to create your masterpiece.

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Elevate Your Cannabis Experience with Premium Accessories

Cannabis accessories are an essential part of the cannabis consumers toolkit, offering a wide array of consumption methods, storage options, cleaners and even scents to remove cannabis smell. Whether you’re enhancing your smoking ritual with a premium grinder, exploring new flavours of rolling papers, or enjoying convenient electronic vaporizers our budtenders are happy to help!

These classic accessories have been elevated to a new level of craftsmanship and innovation. Choose from an assortment of styles and materials, from traditional glass bongs to sleek, modern designs. Water filtration cools and smoothens the smoke, providing a refreshing and enjoyable inhalation.

Embrace the convenience and precision of electronic vaporizers, which have revolutionized the way cannabis is consumed. These high-tech devices offer a smoke-free way to consume cannabis in a healthier alternative to traditional combustion.

A quality cannabis grinder is a cannabis essential. Our selection includes grinders in various sizes and materials, from classic metal to stylish wooden options. Cannabis grinders ensure a consistent and finely ground cannabis product, perfect for rolling, packing, or vaporizing.

For a quick and discreet hit, explore our assortment of cannabis pipes and one-hitters. These portable and easy-to-use accessories are perfect for on-the-go adventures.

Properly storing your cannabis is essential for preserving its freshness and potency. We offer a variety of storage solutions, from airtight containers to stylish stash boxes.

We offer candles and air sprays to remove cannabis odours from your space. You can also find unique cannabis accessories such as holiday cards, concentrate tool kits, hash pipes, ashtrays and more!

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Exploring Cannabis Accessories Products

Enhancing the Cannabis Experience

Cannabis accessories are designed to enhance the overall cannabis consumption experience. They can improve the flavor, potency, and efficiency of consumption methods, making the process more enjoyable for users.

Safety and Compliance

Cannabis accessories may come with safety features and design considerations to ensure responsible use. This includes child-resistant packaging, precise dosing mechanisms, and materials that meet regulatory standards to ensure safe, consistent use. It is always recommended to familiarise yourself with manufacturer’s warranties and ask a budtender about proper use and maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions Cannabis Accessories

Cannabis accessories are tools and products designed to enhance the cannabis consumption experience.

Yes, cannabis accessories are legal for adults aged 19 and older in Ontario. You can purchase through an authorized retailer like Due North Cannabis or the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) website.

There's a wide variety, including vaporizers, pipes, bongs, grinders, rolling papers, storage solutions, and cleaning supplies.

Consider factors like your preferred consumption method, budget, and personal preferences when selecting an accessory.

Most cannabis accessories are versatile and can be used for both THC and CBD products.

Glass accessories are known for their purity and flavor, while silicone accessories are durable and portable.

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for optimal performance and hygiene. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

In Ontario, you must be at least 19 years old to purchase cannabis accessories.

Yes, you can purchase cannabis accessories online through authorized retailers or the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) website.

Accessories are generally safe when used as intended, but be cautious with hot surfaces and combustion methods.

To learn more about consuming cannabis in public places in Ontario check out our blog: Smoking Cannabis in Public. 

Follow best practices for your chosen accessory, such as proper grinding for grinders or water level for bongs.

Some accessories are made from sustainable materials, offering eco-friendly choices for environmentally conscious consumers.

Manual grinders require hand-cranking, while electric grinders use a motor for convenience.

Yes, some accessories are tailored for precise dosing and microdosing cannabis.

Some accessories may have warranties for defects or malfunctions, so check with the manufacturer.

Dab rigs are designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, while bongs are for smoking flower.

Many accessories offer customization options, allowing you to personalize your gear to your liking.