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Cannabis Retail in Canada; a Bud Guides Perspective

It’s 2022 in Canada, and the cannabis market is booming.

From the big cities to the farm towns, cannabis shops are popping up everywhere. 

Back in the day, to get some good grass, you had to know a guy or possibly wander around downtown and scope out a fellow stoner while trying not to look too suspicious.

Nowadays, it’s as easy as checking  Leafly in your neighbourhood or calling up your local pot shop for delivery. 

You can have an ounce of that sticky-icky on demand, as long as it’s during regular retail hours, and of course – you must be of legal age.

From a Bud Guides perspective, it’s been a wild ride, and we’re not anywhere close to the finish line yet.

Retail cannabis employees come from assorted backgrounds; some have roots deep in the legacy markets; they’ve been around since before legalization, hiding from the law and sticking to their beliefs. 

Others come from a customer-service or management background and have worked their way up, adding their version of magic and ancillary know-how to the sale of marijuana.

Some of them fell into it by chance and have discovered a new passion within a fun and continuously evolving industry. 

Yesterday’s bartender, retail manager or cannabis consuming soccer mom is today’s Cannista, Budtender, Bud Guide, or Chronniseur. 

They all share a common theme; the love of cannabis and cannabis products. 

As a Bud Guide, the best part of the work-day is helping customers find what they desire. 

Whether that’s chasing high THC potential, tasty terpene content, or more education on the vast array of evolving consumption methods and usage.

Every customer experience is a journey, whether it’s guiding veteran smokers, novice consumers or simply the canna-curious, there is always something new to learn, discover and explore.

The infancy and fast-pace of the industry continues to blossom our passions. With so much room to grow, it’s a wonderful space to share your fascinations and discover new ones with your customers.

The demographics of cannabis clientele span all facets of society; to this day it still amazes me when I overhear a veteran stoner grandmother giving experienced cannabis recommendations to our younger, more “green” customers. 

The methods and interest for recreational cannabis among users vary almost as much as the diversity of cannabis products now available to consumers. 

Some customers will know what they want and don’t hesitate to tell you, while others test your knowledge base, consumption background, and suggestions. 

Then there is the new cannabis consumer, and they may want to dip their toes in, whether that be trying low-dose THC/CBD gummies, a beverage or a topical cream. 

Other customers search for craft-grown, small-batch, high-terpene cannabis with a distinct taste, smell, or blissful high.

Whether they are new to cannabis or experienced members, all customers tend to find value in the many loyalty programs now being featured as competition begins to heat up! We often have customers asking about our Explorer’s Club so they can earn points and discounts.

As loyalty begins to become mainstream it’s exciting to discover new innovations for us Budtenders to engage with our customers and help them to earn points towards Due North Cannabis apparel, merch, discounts and more!

With the help of a web-based application customers can accomplish missions, get updates on their favourite products, learn about new innovations, and even order delivery and curbside. What a crazy time to be alive.

Ultimately, our job is to facilitate trust between consumers and the nascent legal industry, and this rests on our knowledge, suggestions and dedication to our craft.

But never forget that legal cannabis consumers are truly at the steering wheel. 

Voting with their dollars, reviews, feedback, and loyalty; choosing locally owned, locally operated and independent businesses to support with their hard-earned dollars. 

Ultimately the retail chains and product mix we see in the future will be determined by Bud Guides and their patrons. Being able to find the right product, for the right customer, at the right time is no simple task, but no pressure!

The corporatization of cannabis is happening at a rapid pace. However, what many large companies have failed to realize is that cannabis culture has existed for decades and the real-deal stoners, patient advocates, and caring consumers can recognize integrity and quality when choosing their favorite brands, products and retail stores. 

Nobody feels comfortable buying weed from some guy in a suit and tie; cannabis legalization is a grassroots movement of organic growth and relationships and always will be.

If you as a customer have a great experience or find some incredible high worth sharing, you’ll let your circle know.

As Bud Guides, we carry the chronic-compass, and our motto is straightforward; 


Our duty is to guide, educate and help you explore. Your journey with cannabis starts here, let our compass be your guide.


Support your local cannabis shops, and if you enjoyed the service, tip your BudGuides. 

Puff on, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! 

Due North Cannabis Co.

Due North Cannabis Co.

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At Due North Cannabis Co. we tend to go by the name of Budtender or Bud Guide. Our goal is to guide you on your journey with cannabis by helping our fellow cannabis explorers learn about new products and to help them to discover their new favourite strains. Check out one of our Cannabis Cabins: Unit 1, Churchill Plaza or 695 Pine St. near food basics. You can also shop online at for curbside pickup and delivery.

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