The many ways and places to enjoy cannabis this summer

From the patio to the beach to the campground to the cottage, there are multiple destinations people head towards to maximize their summer fun, and many Canadians are including cannabis as part of their summer activities.

Luckily for cannabis consumers, there are plenty of options to consider given the ever-growing assortment available at retail outlets like the Due North Cannabis Company.

“There are many different ways to consume cannabis and dozens of options within each consumption category,” said Robert Carroll, part of the local father/son duo who own the Due North Cannabis Company in Sault Ste. Marie.

“It’s summer, so there may be times you want something refreshing or perhaps something more discreet rather than a product you smoke. That could mean edibles, oils, capsules, or a variety of cannabis beverages.”

Carroll says some of his creative customers have suggested that turning cannabis-infused beverages into popsicles is a fun and tasty way to enjoy them. Many cannabis consumers also enjoy edibles like soft chews, hard candies and baked goods which are easily transported as part of a summer picnic or patio snack tray.

When it comes to cannabis consumption Carroll notes that it’s important to understand how the dosage and onset of different categories impacts your body.

“Dosage whether it’s understanding the stated percentage or milligram potency of different products is extremely important in terms of having an enjoyable and responsible experience with cannabis. Everyone is different so remember to start low, go slow and never consume and drive.”

For people on the go all summer, Carroll said pre-rolls and vape products are going to provide some of the best product choices. There is not only a huge variety of these two products available, but the time it takes to feel their impact is also something to consider.

“These are great products because the effects happen instantly as opposed to ingesting something like a beverage or an edible where there’s a delayed onset,” he said. “This could be up to an hour or two and varies from person to person. If you’re not familiar with those products dosing can be a challenge. For those who are more experienced with cannabis in its traditional form, meaning dried flower, vape products and pre-rolls make a great substitute.”

For those who prefer the sun, surf, and sand all summer, Carroll said cannabis-infused beverages offer a cool and refreshing option when heading to the beach.

“Iced teas are very popular right now. There are several brands doing it. When thinking about cannabis beverages in general, there are those infused with THC which is commonly the psychoactive ingredient, or those infused with CBD, which tends to have a more relaxing effect without the “high”. There are also a lot of fruity drinks, like tropical fruit and mango. We’ve even started carrying artisan flavours like cucumber mint and blueberry acai.”

Preparing summer meals using cannabis products is also an inspiring way to add flair to your summer menus when entertaining.

“There are a lot of great options when it comes to oils, distillates, and concentrates like shatter which you can add to your own recipes,” said Carroll. “And it’s important to be cautious about understanding your body and your dosage. Always read the label to understand the potency levels of these products and be certain you’re creating an equal dosage throughout your recipe.”

Summer is all about getting outside, and consuming cannabis products can be part of that activity. That being said, some beaches, parks and campgrounds have restrictions on smoking, vaping, and cannabis consumption. Knowing the rules and being aware of any restrictions is something Carroll suggests is not only the law but also common courtesy in outdoor environments.

“First and foremost, just be mindful of others. Second hand smoke whether it’s cannabis or cigarettes can be harmful to others around you. When it comes to cannabis it can give them that second hand contact high. As the season gets dry, it’s also important to be mindful of your embers and lit ash when you are smoking. Tossing these things into the bush is not a good idea. You don’t want to start a fire.”

Gardening is another popular summer pastime, and Ontario residents are now able to grow up to four plants. The Due North Cannabis Company offers cannabis seeds along with expert advice on how to plant and care for your cannabis garden.

Due North Cannabis Co.

Due North Cannabis Co.

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