Overcoming the challenges of the legal cannabis industry

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With competition mounting and over-regulation making it difficult for small independents to operate on a level playing field with larger companies having greater financial resources, many dispensary operators are either selling their businesses or closing up shop. That fact begs the question: has the dream of a profitable legal cannabis industry in Canada gone up in smoke?

The Soo’s Fastest Growing Cannabis Retailer

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Due North Cannabis Co. has become one of the fastest-growing local businesses in Sault Ste. Marie with two locations currently operating in Churchill Plaza and Pine Plaza. Founded by a local father and son duo, Due North prioritizes and promotes local wherever possible.
Three years ago, Robert and John Carroll developed a retail concept focused on serving residents of legal age in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.
“We really wanted to develop a concept that was warm and welcoming. A business the Soo could be proud of. We prioritize local talent and materials wherever possible and actively support other local businesses through our Support Local Program.”

Cannabis Retail in Canada: a Budtender’s Perspective

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Retail cannabis employees come from assorted backgrounds; some have roots deep in the legacy markets and have been around since before legalisation. Others come from a customer-service or management background and have worked their way up, adding their version of magic and ancillary know-how to the sale of marijuana. Some of them fell into it by chance and have discovered a new passion within a fun and continuously evolving industry. Yesterday’s bartender, retail manager or cannabis consuming soccer mom is today’s Cannista, Budtender, Bud Guide, or Chronniseur.

Legalize it! The benefits of Canada’s cannabis industry

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Canadians can enjoy safe cannabis, marketed and sold responsibly, with recent studies showing numerous ways that legalization benefits us all.
Three years have passed since legalizing cannabis in Canada. From boosting the economy to improved product and purchasing safety, the benefits of its decriminalization are clear.

Cannabis Retail in Canada; a Bud Guides Perspective

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It’s 2022 in Canada, and the cannabis market is booming.

From the big cities to the farm towns, cannabis shops are popping up everywhere.

Back in the day, to get some good grass, you had to know a guy or possibly wander around downtown and scope out a fellow stoner while trying not to look too suspicious.

Nowadays, it’s as easy as checking Leafly in your neighbourhood or calling up your local pot shop for delivery.

You can have an ounce of that sticky-icky on demand, as long as it’s during regular retail hours, and of course – you must be of legal age.

From a Bud Guides perspective, it’s been a wild ride, and we’re not anywhere close to the finish line yet.

Cannabis Activism and the Road to Legalization

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The path to legalization has taken decades of work from celebrity activists to legal advocates and is part of a broader societal change that has seen Canadians from all walks of life become cannabis explorers.