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Gift buyer’s guide for the Canna-curious

Cannabis products can be uplifting, and for many, tends to elevate the experiences of the holiday Christmas party or family dinner. Now with many cannabis retail stores readily accessible to consenting adults and hundreds of products available to explore, cannabis is becoming mainstream this holiday season. In fact, last year 32% of adults were considering giving the gift of green. So if you’re looking to grab some old school hash for your uncle Larry or get your grandparents to open up to the idea of topical applications, here is Due North Cannabis’ gift buyers guide for the canna-curious this holiday season.

CBD Products

Cannabidiol or CBD is the second most prevalent compound found in cannabis. CBD has been associated with benefits for health and well being and has started to gain widespread popularity especially among baby boomers.  CBD makes for the perfect canna-curious gift or stocking stuffer as it does not produce the “high” typically associated with cannabis products. CBD is available in a variety of formats from topicals to edibles and can make a great gift for those family members and friends who might be new to cannabis products. 

Handcrafted Ceramic and Glassware Cannabis Accessories

From colourful mushrooms to animals and aliens, smokeware such as water pipes can be visually appealing and even collectible. That’s why many are choosing to treat their friends and family with artisan crafted glassware and ceramic in the form of pipes, bongs, and bubblers. Elevate your cannabis experience this year with an accessory that stands out and makes for an interesting shelf piece or conversation starter.

Cannabis Grinders and Cannabis Storage

Do you know a friend or relative still chopping up their dried cannabis with a pair of scissors? Hand grinders make for a perfect gift. Grind your flower in an instant and move on to more important holiday activities. Storage containers also make a great gift and come in a variety of child-proof options that can greatly improve and maintain the quality of your stash. Keep your products stored safely and discreetly with a variety of storage options from travel sized bags to large format containers. 

Cannabis Vaporizers

Dried flower vaporizers and closed pod-systems are a great gift for all levels of experience. These types of products cut down on the amount of carcinogens you might consume while enjoying cannabis. Discreet, innovative and easy to use, vaporizers are a great way to introduce your friends and family to new ways of consuming cannabis.

Due North Cannabis Gift Cards

Not sure which products and accessories might be best for your secret santa? No problem! Due North Cannabis Co. offers custom gift cards for the canna-curious in your life. Give them a gift of unlimited possibilities by filling their stocking with a Due North gift card where they can explore and discover their own unique gift with the help of an expert BudGuide. 

Although some restrictions have left us wanting for more this season there are still many opportunities to gather and rejoice. Happy holidays from us at Due North Cannabis Co.

Due North Cannabis Co. is a locally owned and operated cannabis retail company with two locations to serve you better this holiday season. Visit them at 695 Pine St. near Food Basics or in Churchill Plaza right across from the Beer Store. You can also visit them online at  for pickup orders OR same-day delivery. 

Due North Cannabis Co.

Due North Cannabis Co.

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