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Dried Flower

Cannabis dried flower can be smoked, vaped, or used for extraction to create your favourite concentrates and edibles. 

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Pre Rolls

Pre rolls or commonly referred to as “joints” or “doobies” are a convenient way to consume dried flower. 

pre rolled cannabis joints

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of formats and can be found in products such as capsules, creams, vapes, and edibles.

cannabis extracts

Cannabis edibles come in forms including: chocolates, beverages, baked goods and other confectionery delights.

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Oil and Capsules

Solvent- free ingestible products that can be used as alternatives to smoking flower.

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Vaping is a portable and electronic way of consuming cannabis concentrates.  They are a convenient and discreet way to consume.

cannabis vaporizer

These products are non-psychoactive and are applied to the skin. They come in the form of lotions, oils, salves, soaps, balms and creams. 

cannabis topicals

Accessories come in a variety of forms. From your classic water pipes to new age electronic vaporizers there is something for every explorer.

Our Sault Ste Marie
Cannabis Retail Locations
dispensary sault ste marie

Churchill Plaza

Our flagship store in Sault Ste Marie is a 2800 sqft store front featuring a gas fire place, timber frame facade and natural rock features.

sault ste marie ontario dispensary

695 Pine St

Our newest store addition in Sault Ste Marie is a 800 sqft store front featuring our signature outdoor rustic style design and natural features.

Our Cannabis Retail Stores

Cottages, Cabins and the Great Outdoors.

Our cannabis retails stores aim to highlight the quintessential Canadian experience – cottages, cabins and the great outdoors. No other experience speaks to our northern roots more than heading off to camp to unwind.

The Latest Cannabis News

Due North Cannabis News

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Cannabis Retail in Canada; a Bud Guides Perspective ?

It’s 2022 in Canada, and the cannabis market is booming.

From the big cities to the farm towns, cannabis shops are popping up everywhere.

Back in the day, to get some good grass, you had to know a guy or possibly wander around downtown and scope out a fellow stoner while trying not to look too suspicious.

Nowadays, it’s as easy as checking Leafly in your neighbourhood or calling up your local pot shop for delivery.

You can have an ounce of that sticky-icky on demand, as long as it’s during regular retail hours, and of course – you must be of legal age.

From a Bud Guides perspective, it’s been a wild ride, and we’re not anywhere close to the finish line yet.

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Gift buyer’s guide for the Canna-curious

Cannabis products can be uplifting, and for many, tends to elevate the experiences of the holiday Christmas party or family dinner. Now with many cannabis retail stores readily accessible to consenting adults and hundreds of products available to explore, cannabis is becoming mainstream this holiday season. In fact, last year 32% of adults were considering giving the gift of green. So if you’re looking to grab some old school hash for your uncle Larry or get your grandparents to open up to the idea of topical applications, here is Due North Cannabis’ gift buyers guide for the canna-curious this holiday season.

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Cannabis Legalization 2.0

In the first year, legal retailers were permitted to sell dried flower, as well as CBD oils and sprays. One year later, Canada amended its cannabis regulations, allowing for the legal sale of edibles, extracts, topicals, and vapes. Since then, the legal market has flourished, allowing for better safety and regulation when it comes to different types of cannabis products.

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The Largest Cannabis Dispensary in Saulte Ste Marie

At Due North Cannabis, we go above and beyond to create unique and inviting spaces that speak to our Northern heritage . Our goal is to empower our customers to discover new and exciting cannabis products and accessories. Come and visit our locally owned Cannabis Cabins for a retail experience unlike any other. 

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