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Cannabis Laws - What you Need to Know

Recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2018. However, every province and municipality has its own rules. We are proud to be one of Ontario’s trusted and authorized cannabis retailers. Our goal is to help cannabis explorers make informed and educated decisions around their cannabis exploration, let our compass be your guide.

Where to Consume Cannabis

In Ontario, you must be 19+ in order to purchase or possess cannabis, the same age as for alcohol and tobacco. You can consume cannabis in private residences and many outdoor areas, such as sidewalks, parks, and designated smoking areas. A general rule of thumb is if it’s okay to smoke (tobacco) it’s okay to toke. Make sure you check your municipal regulations first, and if you’re renting or leasing, always check your lease agreements and condo bylaws. 

It’s important to stay informed by knowing areas where you are not allowed to consume cannabis:

  • Private residences that are also workplaces, (long-term care homes, retirement residences etc.), unless in designated areas
  • Indoor common areas in dorms and condos
  • Enclosed public workplaces
  • Anywhere on or within 20m of school grounds, playgrounds, or childcare centres (even if there aren’t any kids around)
  • Anywhere within 9m of hospital, psychiatric facility, and care home entrances, or anywhere on hospital grounds
  • Anywhere on or within 20m of publicly-owned spaces such as bus stops, recreational facilities and sporting fields
  • In a vehicle or boat that is being driven or will be driven
  • In restaurants or anywhere within 9m of patio grounds

Using Cannabis in Public

If you’re ever not totally sure about where you can consume cannabis, it’s best to be cautious and only consume it in places that you know for sure are legal. Itching to get out in the wilderness and light up a joint under the stars? In Ontario provincial park users can consume cannabis in areas that aren’t commonly accessed, so no to lighting up around playgrounds, sheltered areas, and washrooms. Parks Canada rules allow cannabis consumption at registered Parks Canada campsites, so you can enjoy a toke around the fire with friends after a long day of exploring. 

Curious about cannabis use in public? Take a look at our blog post to find out more.

Reducing your Social Impact

Possession Laws

When you’re out in public with cannabis, it is also important to note how much you can legally possess. In Ontario, you are allowed to possess 30g (1oz) of dried cannabis. This can get confusing with all the new products hitting the shelves. Make sure to use this guide and speak to your Due North product expert about possession limits and equivalencies. 

For reference, the Cannabis Act[1]  states 1 gram of dried cannabis is equal to:

  • 5g fresh cannabis
  • 15g edibles
  • 70g liquid
  • 0.25g concentrates

Concentrates, which are extracts from the cannabis plant, can include distillate, hash, kief, resin, shatter, or wax. Depending on the type, they can be smoked, vaped, or dabbed. Just remember to take it slow, as they can contain high amounts of THC.

When using cannabis in public, remember that not everyone is as excited as us about Ontario’s cannabis consumption laws. Drop by Due North Cannabis next time you’re out, and take a look at our selection of edibles, capsules, and oils, which you can safely enjoy without leaving behind any air pollution or smell. 

Latest Cannabis Regulations

Edibles and extracts became legal in October 2019. Edibles can contain up to 10mg THC per package, or 1000mg THC for topicals and extracts. In January 2020, the province of Ontario unveiled its first edible products, including chocolate bars, cookies, and soft chews. The first legal edible products in Ontario sold out within hours, prompting questions about the province’s ability to remain competitive with the thriving cannabis black market.

Cannabis laws are new and still changing. As of February 2020, the province is also exploring the expansion of public cannabis consumption in places such as bars and outdoor festivals. The province of Ontario says they are committed to a “responsible approach to cannabis retail sales across Ontario, allowing private sector businesses to build a safe and convenient retail system to combat the illegal market while keeping our kids and communities safe”[3].

 What would you like to see Ontario add to its cannabis regulations? – Comment below!

In 2019, Ontario authorized 25 retail cannabis licenses and is now approving around 20 new licenses per month.[4] 

What's Next for Cannabis?

Check out our blog Legalization 2.0 for updated 2020 regulation, including information about new products available! 

Due North Cannabis Co. is proud to be an authorized retailer, opening February 1 2021, bringing you a great selection of products and the knowledge on how to consume responsibly. If you have any questions, you can always trust our staff to be up-to-date on the latest provincial laws and regulations.

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