Gift buyer’s guide for the Canna-curious

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Cannabis products can be uplifting, and for many, tends to elevate the experiences of the holiday Christmas party or family dinner. Now with many cannabis retail stores readily accessible to consenting adults and hundreds of products available to explore, cannabis is becoming mainstream this holiday season. In fact, last year 32% of adults were considering giving the gift of green. So if you’re looking to grab some old school hash for your uncle Larry or get your grandparents to open up to the idea of topical applications, here is Due North Cannabis’ gift buyers guide for the canna-curious this holiday season.

How to Reducing Your Cannabis Waste and Social Footprint

The process of growing and refining cannabis products can be detrimental to the environment, with high water and energy consumption required to produce the product. And though many growers are moving towards more sustainable practices, some responsibility still falls on consumers to do their due diligence when it comes to selecting sustainable brands and taking care of their waste at home.

Cannabis Plant Anatomy 101

Cannabis is a versatile plant that has been used around the world for years. Originating in Asia, it made its way to North America due to its value in being a fast-growing and useful source of leaves, seeds, and oil. Hemp is a variety of the plant that has been cultivated for centuries for everyday use.

Introduction to Cannabis

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In the world of cannabis, explorers have had to decide which cannabis strain to go for. Start here with our cannabis introduction.