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Introduction to Cannabis

As cannabis guides, Due North Cannabis Co aims to provide cannabis explorers with educational information to help them navigate through their exploration of cannabis. 

In the world of cannabis, explorers have had to decide which cannabis strain to go for. The Indica, Sativa, or Ruderalis. Judging from the physiological effects, many are quick to pick between Indica and Sativa, and hybrid mixes.

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are variations of cannabis that most users find hard to differentiate. It becomes all the more difficult when you explore the hybrid version of both. Their energy levels contrast one another. The Indica strain decreases energy and is ideal for relaxation. On the other hand, Sativa is up high in terms of energy level and Ideal for uplifting cerebral functions. 

Indica Cannabis

Indica is more than a name to classify a type of cannabis. Despite controversies regarding its similarities to Sativa, there are physical attributes and consumption effects that set them apart. 

Cannabis indica with Purple Kush and Master Kush as popular strains is a plant known to be short with deep green leaves growing on its thick stem. During its cultivation term, it flowers for a short period. 

Indica Effects

Many who love to enjoy and explore cannabis describes the effects of Indica as “relaxing and sedating.” It helps to relax and relieves stress. Explore the cannabis Indica to enjoy its pain relief and appetizing capabilities. 

Sativa Cannabis

Cannabis sativa dates back to centuries and is known to grow well in a warm climate during plantation. Additionally, Sativa has a lengthy flowering period with light green colored narrow leaves. It has Lemon Haze and Maui Wowie strains.

Sativa Effects

While it may difficult to describe the exact feeling of the Sativa, some have summed up its effect as ” energizing and uplifting.”  

As you explore cannabis Sativa, It enhances your focus, gives an energy boost, and helps to deal with depressing moods. 

Hybrid Cannabis

In recent years, many are guided by the urge to explore. To this end, many cultivators are cross-breeding Sativa and Indica. And for a fact, many of the Sativa and Indica cannabis strains are now seen as mostly hybrid. So, should you be driven to explore the hybrid version of both, you will enjoy an indescribable mix of “uplifting and heavy.” 

The world of cannabis users keeps growing not just due North, but in every direction of the world, and cultivators are keen on providing curative extracts from the cross-breeding of Sativa and Indica. This crossing is believed to offer medical benefits to illnesses like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and Lupus. 

Hybrid Facts

 Hybrid can be a mix of two strains of India without introducing Sativa. This also applies to Sativa 

Hybrids are bred and manufactured in ratios. This translates to having either 50:50 Indica to Sativa or 60:40 Sativa to Indica and different ratios forms. 

Hybrids with Indica dominating the mix are Indica-dom, while Sativa-dom has Sativa as the dominant strain.  

Consumers who enjoy a touch of Indica and Sativa simultaneously choose to what degree of mix they want. 


Cannabidiol, commonly called CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol- THC, are two chemicals recognized as beneficial in marijuana. THC is known to give a psychoactive effect. It means it can ” high ” a user. Due to this, many who love to enjoy the power of nature find THC helpful to deal with when moody and anxious. 

CBD, on the other hand, is generally understood to be non-psychoactive. It doesn’t get users “high” and added to that. It has positive effects too. 

CBD and THC Presence in Indica and Sativa

Indica has more of a CBD presence and therefore revered as an ideal pain reliever. 

Sativa, which is from the warmer climate, has a higher THC ratio to CBD. Regardless of the presence of CBD in it, the psychoactive effect is, however, more eminent and, therefore, suitable to energize the body. 

The hybrid of Indica and Sativa are common among growers, and nature has made it also difficult to differentiate the two. Cannabis ruderalis is used in the process of producing a hybrid of Sativa and Indica. The hybrid does not contain high levels of THC and CBD. 

History of Cannabis Strains

Cannabis history can be retraced back to the mid-1700s. Carl Linnaeus, in his research, found out psychoactive cannabis plants and named it as Sativa. A little above 25 years later, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French biologist, later discovered the indica as another form of cannabis with a different physical feature from the and also as non-psychoactive. Also, In terms of leaf color, height, and growing climatic factors. 

A hundred years down the lane, another researcher came across a third species-Cannabis ruderalis. However, the taxonomy remains a debate, but the flowering cycle distinguishes this species and the other two. Added to that, the THC and CBD levels are also different among them. 


Oldest Cannabis Strains Known

Cannabis’s oldest strains are hard to identify. Some who seem familiar with the cannabis world tend even to get doubtful while trying to name them. 

Hey! Cannabis lovers, let’s explore the five oldest strains. 

You may wonder,” what is a cannabis strain?”. Well, it refers to the varieties of cannabis, be it pure or hybrid

Hindu Kush

Hindu kish, famous for its sweet earthy aroma, is a strain dating thousands of years back. Its growth was dominant in the regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. 


Grown throughout Nepal, this strain has the growth structure of a Sativa but the effects of an Indica. Nepalese landrace gives off an intense aroma and resinous material. 


It’s energizing taste and smell of citrus makes this Sativa landrace peculiar to the people of Thailand. 


Aceh originates from Indonesia. It’s a pure Sativa landrace with a bright smell of mango. At times, the lemon aroma is also perceived.


Afghani is famous for producing resin and gives off the pine and sweet earthy aroma. This Indica strain is one of the oldest strains found in the regions of Afghanistan. 

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