Smoking Cannabis In Public

Here at Due North, we know how rewarding it is to explore the great outdoors and experience the rugged beauty of our country.  Whether you’re hiking the mountainous terrain of Banff, portaging through Algonquin, or wanting to meet up for a sesh with some friends at Trinity Bellwoods Park there are rules for public consumption that you should be aware of. 

Smoking cannabis in public can leave its mark.

As cannabis guides, Due North Cannabis Co aims to promote better social practices that reduce our footprint, both socially & environmentally

Cannabis use at Public Parks

The laws around public cannabis consumption vary from province to province so it’s important to look up the guidelines in your area (stay tuned for our Cannabis Laws in Ontario Guide coming soon).

Remember that the rules between provincial and national parks are different. For instance, smoking cannabis on trails is forbidden in national parks but allowed in provincial parks, depending on your province. The good news is that when it comes to our national parks, Parks Canada states that each province and territory allows cannabis consumption at registered Parks Canada campsites. That means that at the very least, you can spark up with your friends while you gather around the campfire.

Here in Ontario, you can toke up in provincial parks as long as you avoid common areas such as playgrounds, enclosed public spaces such as washrooms, sheltered areas, and sporting areas.

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 British Columbia has similar laws and generally treats cannabis like tobacco. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t smoke cigarettes in the area, you can’t smoke cannabis either. Provinces like PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Manitoba have much stricter laws about recreational cannabis use and it’s generally restricted to at-home use only. 

Sadly that means you can’t include smoking cannabis as part of your great outdoor adventures if you’re visiting a provincial park within these provinces.

Reducing your Social Impact

It’s also important to remember that while you may enjoy all aspects of cannabis, not everyone feels the same. If you want to smoke cannabis in public with a minimal impact on the environment and your neighbours consider vaping. Studies have shown that vaping actually gives a better experience than smoking and it produces a vapour that quickly evaporates as opposed to a cannabis smoke that hangs in the air. That means less air pollution and less of a smell. It’s a win-win for everybody. We recommend trying the Pax ERA Pro with the removable POD system for on-the-go convenience. 

You may also consider enjoying cannabis in other forms. Due North Cannabis will offer a selection of edibles, capsules, and oils that allow you to enjoy your cannabis without impacting those around you making them great options for public cannabis consumption. Just remember to go low and go slow.

Finally, remember to always dispose of your cannabis products safely. 

If you are smoking a cannabis joint, put it out by rubbing the end of the joint on a rock and making sure that it is fully extinguished or consider extinguishing your joint in a cup of water. 

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You can also use a portable ashtray (these are available at most dollar stores) but make sure it’s contained so that the wind can’t blow your joint toward a potential source of ignition. 

Most importantly, do not simply toss your used joint on the ground.  We only need to look to our neighbours in the south to see how devastating forest fires can be.

West Coast Forest Fires

The current California wild fires have burned over 3 million acres of land. The smoke is so heavy that it has reached as far north as British Columbia and is severely affecting the air quality in the region. On September 18th “Vancouver topped the list for the worst air quality in world.” 

Canada has also had its own issues with fires caused by human neglect. Slightly more than half of all wildland fires in our country are caused by human behaviour and typically occur in populated grassland or forest areas. Last year Langford, BC dealt with seven fires in seven days all caused by discarded cigarette butts. Two of the most important lessons from those fires are that garden beds should not be used for disposing of butts (remember, the earth is not an ashtray) and you should never ever toss a used butt out of a motor vehicle.

Our Role

As Canadians, we want to enjoy cannabis safely and respectfully. 

Public cannabis consumption is a privilege that many of us appreciate but it’s important to respect the land that we’re on and be courteous to the people around us who might not be cannabis enthusiasts. 

Enjoy the plant, respect the land it’s grown on, and as always, let Due North be your compass.

Thanks for reading.

Due North Cannabis Co.

Due North Cannabis Co.

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